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Custom QMK Colemak-mod-dh firmware for Corne split keyboard

Description of keyboard layers

Layer 0 - Colemak layer with home row modifiers for ALT


Layer 1 - Similar Colemak layer but without the modifiers

(useful when the application uses the keys of the modifiers as hold keys) /adam/qmk-corne-colemak-dh-mod/src/branch/master/images/layer1.png

Layer 2 - Symbol and cursors layer

This layer also have the „super-alt-tab” where the tab key is located on the Colemak layer. /adam/qmk-corne-colemak-dh-mod/src/branch/master/images/layer2.png

Layer 3 - Numbers layer


Layer 4 - Functional & misc keys


How to compile and flash the firmware

Clone the repository to qmk_firmware/crkbd/keymaps and name it for example adam_colemak.

  cd qmk_firmware/
  cd keyboards/crkbd/keymaps/
  git clone https://code.bsdgeek.org/adam/qmk-corne-colemak-dh-mod adam_colemak

Set the keymap as default and compile from its directory

(hard to say but had to compile from inside the directory as setting it as default somehow didn't work)

  qmk config user.keymap=adam-colemak
  cd qmk_firmware/
  cd keyboards/crkbd/keymaps/adam-colemak/

  ## only used to regenerate the keymap if you would customize using online keymap editor.
  # qmk json2c crkbd_rev1_layout_split_3x6_3_mine.json -o keymap-json.c
  qmk clean
  qmk compile -kb crkbd/r2g

Flash the firmware

(two times the same command chained for both of the sides of the keyboard)

  qmk flash -kb crkbd/r2g ;  qmk flash -kb crkbd/r2g


Had to update my Windows usb driver using https://docs.qmk.fm/#/driver_installation_zadig guide to have qmk recognise my device when switching to bootloader mode via double clicking the reset button on the keyboard.