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Adam Kruszewski f730de2c15 Added fix when region is selected
Thanks Jeffrey Phillips for this patch!
2024-03-22 19:14:03 +01:00
Adam Kruszewski 265438b161 Add workaround for dabbrev backend completions 2023-08-14 17:37:02 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 41ef82c270 Revert the previous change, gitea doesn't render links in images 2023-07-09 09:50:38 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 2ba4c69fe4 Make the MELPA link clickable 2023-07-09 09:49:48 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 9a7035846b Fix the melpa bagde URL for giea to show properly 2023-07-09 09:43:15 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 1c23e88fbb Add MELPA installation instructions and bagde 2023-07-09 09:42:11 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski b1f83e3e75 Fix provides being after the last line in file comment 2023-07-06 08:35:32 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 9bda093d1a Rephrase paragraphs on performance considerations 2023-07-05 11:18:29 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski d3a2f729c9 Fix wording in a comment 2023-07-04 16:04:28 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 49b9ea3024 Bump version number to 1.5 2023-07-04 15:58:35 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 2d720fe4f2 Make c-c-o-complete-at-point expand templates as well 2023-07-04 15:46:22 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski f4af7f901f Make insert function to use corfu's functions and update overlay 2023-07-04 15:18:05 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 6cdc33aa21 Added corfu-candidate-overlay-complete-at-point function 2023-07-04 10:54:43 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 56b5d12641 Add LICENSE file 2023-07-03 11:58:37 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 8bf0cdf30a Replace string-empty-p with string= for melpazoid 2023-07-03 11:55:59 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 55823657d4 Fix typo in defgroup definition 2023-07-03 11:54:51 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 5b8137087a Make melpazoid happy 2023-07-03 11:53:45 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 0674824cb8 Bump version to 1.3 2023-06-26 11:55:02 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 111cd5de5f Make checkdoc happy 2023-06-26 11:54:40 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski b926821097 Change the name of customization variable in the readme to match code 2023-06-26 11:25:07 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 88e4fce36c Make package-lint happy
Also bumping version to 1.2
2023-06-26 11:22:40 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski ef8c36c6d8 Bumped version to 1.1 2023-05-24 11:45:20 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski b298e28bd9 Fixed previous commit and made condition comments more descriptive 2023-05-24 11:41:27 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 23a07957bc Fix not hiding the overlay even when corfu overlay is not shown
corfu--frame can be nil so had to take this into account as well.
2023-05-24 10:14:58 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 5f3e3fefe4 Add mono-complete reference under prior art section of readme 2023-05-13 10:41:26 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski ca6c1b545c Added readme and bumped version to 1.0 2023-05-08 16:40:56 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski cf6ddeffab Rename faces to reasemble non-internal names
Added provides to allow loading using use-package.
2023-05-08 16:39:06 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 71bff98bd4 Fixed overlay when inserting fast enough so backend can't keep up
Overlay was updated temporarily with a wrong text on insert command,
so when the suggestion backend didn't keep up the suggestion was

Refactored some code to have less repetition when setting overlay
2023-05-07 19:48:45 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski 446f88ff78 Fixed error when no further candidate was found
When corfu--candidate was ended up as nil, the overlay still held
previous value but was not updated as the error was raised in
the update function.

Additionally when the backend is not keeping up we use
the previous candidate to update what the user see using
all of the information we had (i.e. prefix and the candidate),
so we borrow a character from one and append/prepend to the
other when necessary. This gives a little better experience
when using slow backend such as lsp.
2023-05-07 17:06:36 +02:00
Adam Kruszewski cfd74e2f6b Initial commit of Corfu candidate overlay
The minor mode uses underlying corfu completion data to show
the first candidate inline while typing.
2023-04-06 22:22:44 +02:00