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#+TITLE: min-percent zsh theme - a minimalist zsh theme with a % or # sign as the prompt terminator
* Description
Minimalist zsh theme with a % or # sign as the prompt terminator.
Below is a screen shot demonstrating all of the possible prompt states (excluding when running as root user, where the „%” at the end of the prompt changes to „#”).
* Prior art
- The prompt is based on [[][pi.zsh-theme]] by [[][Toby Thomas]].
- the =get_pwd()= function is a modified version of one by [[][Shashank Mehta]].
* Installation instructions
** Requirements
Error indicator is shown using a unicode emoji character - it was tested with Noto Color Emoji font. Git repository symbol uses Powerline glyph (0xe0a0) - make sure your monospace font can display it or change the character to your liking in the source.
** Using zplug
- Clone the repository to chosen location (assuming =~/Src/zsh-theme-min-percent=)
- Add zplug directive to load theme:
#+begin_src shell
zplug "~/Src/zsh-theme-min-percent", use:"min-percent.zsh-theme", from:local, as:theme
** Using oh-my-zsh
- Clone the repository to chosen location (assuming =~/Src/zsh-theme-min-percent=)
- Copy theme file so Oh-My-ZSH can find it:
#+begin_src shell
cp ~/Src/zsh-theme-min-percen/min-percent.zsh-theme ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/themes/
- Set theme in your =.zshrc=, before sourcing Oh-My-ZSH:
#+begin_src shell

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