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;;; corfu-candidate-overlay.el --- Show first candidate in an overlay while typing -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2021-2023 Adam Kruszewski
;; Author: Adam Kruszewski <>
;; Maintainer: Adam Kruszewski <>
;; Created: 2023
;; Version: 1.6
;; Package-Requires: ((emacs "28.1") (corfu "0.36"))
;; Homepage:
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs.
;; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; Show first candidate in an inline overlay while typing.
;; When there is only one candidate the overlay text will
;; be underlined.
;; It is ment to be used with `corfu-auto' set to `nil', and
;; executing the corfu completion popup with a keybind.
;; Enable by executing `corfu-candidate-overlay-mode'.
;;; Code:
(require 'corfu)
(defvar-local corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay nil
"Overlay for Corfu candidates display when typing.")
(defvar-local corfu-candidate-overlay--last-point nil
"Last point location when the overlay was calculated for.")
(defvar corfu-candidate-overlay-map nil
"Keymap to dismiss the Corfu candidate overlay.")
(defgroup corfu-candidate-overlay nil
"Show first candidate in an overlay while typing."
:prefix "corfu-candidate-overlay"
:group 'corfu-candidate-overlay)
(defcustom corfu-candidate-overlay-auto-commands
'("delete-backward-char\\'" "backward-delete-char-untabify")
"Additional commands apart ``corfu-auto-commands'' triggering candidate overlay."
:type '(repeat (choice regexp symbol))
:group 'corfu)
(defface corfu-candidate-overlay-face
'((((background light))
:foreground "MistyRose4")
(((background dark))
:foreground "wheat"))
"Face used for the overlay with the first candidate.")
(defface corfu-candidate-overlay-face-exact-match
'((t (:inherit 'corfu-candidate-overlay-face :underline t)))
"Face used for the overlay when there is only one candidate.")
(defun corfu-candidate-overlay--prepare (position)
"Set the default properties of the candidates overlay.
Moves the overlay to `POSITION', creating it when needed.
The overlay can be dismissed with a mouse click."
(when (not corfu-candidate-overlay-map)
(setq corfu-candidate-overlay-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-key corfu-candidate-overlay-map (kbd "<mouse-1>")
(lambda ()
(delete-overlay corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay))))
(if corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay
(move-overlay corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay position position)
(setq corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay (make-overlay position position nil))
;; priority of 1k is the value used by Corfu.
(overlay-put corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay 'priority 1000))))
(defun corfu-candidate-overlay--get-overlay-property (property)
"Return the value of candidate overlay `PROPERTY`."
(overlay-get corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay property))
(defun corfu-candidate-overlay--set-overlay-property (property value)
"Set the `VALUE' of candidate overlay `PROPERTY'."
(overlay-put corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay property value))
(defun corfu-candidate-overlay--update (position prefix candidate how-many-candidates)
"Update the candidate overlay with the first candidate found by Corfu.
Move the overlay to `POSITION` and store the `PREFIX` and `CANDIDATE` as
overlay's properties. Depending on the `HOW-MANY-CANDIDATES` the overlay
face is set to either `corfu-candidate-overlay-face-exact-match'
\(exactly one match) or `corfu-candidate-overlay-face' (more matches)."
(corfu-candidate-overlay--prepare position)
(unless (string= candidate "")
(add-text-properties 0 1 '(cursor 1) candidate))
(overlay-put corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay 'window (selected-window))
;; we store the whole candidate and prefix as a property to use when
;; deleting characters in quick succession so the backend will not
;; keep-up. We will need to use those stored values then to still
;; show the overlay with a meaningful suggestion
;; (i.e. the last one found)
(corfu-candidate-overlay--set-overlay-property 'corfu-candidate candidate)
(corfu-candidate-overlay--set-overlay-property 'corfu-prefix prefix)
(corfu-candidate-overlay--set-overlay-property 'corfu-count how-many-candidates)
;; and here is the candidate string as it will be rendered by Emacs.
(corfu-candidate-overlay--set-overlay-property 'after-string
'face (if (= how-many-candidates 1)
'keymap corfu-candidate-overlay-map)))
(defun corfu-candidate-overlay--hide ()
"Hide the candidate overlay."
(when (and
(overlayp corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay))
;; 'invisible property doesn't work really; deleting the overlay
;; would need to recreate the object on basically each keystroke
;; and I don't like the perspective of it, would also flicker
;; for sure - so we keep the one overlay and we clear the contents.
(corfu-candidate-overlay--set-overlay-property 'after-string "")))
(defun corfu-candidate-overlay--show ()
"Show completion candidate overlay.
Completion candidates are computed like Corfu does.
The overlay is updated to reflect the first one found.
Uses different face when there is only one candidate available
\(defaults to underline), see ``corfu-candidate-overlay-face-exact-match'
and `corfu-candidate-overlay-face' faces for customization"
(let ((value (while-no-input ;; Interruptible capf query
(run-hook-wrapped 'completion-at-point-functions #'corfu--capf-wrapper))))
(if (not value)
(corfu-candidate-overlay--hide) ;; when empty, we hide the overlay.
(pcase value ;; when not, we check the completion data.
(`(,fun ,beg ,end ,table . ,plist)
(let ((completion-in-region-mode-predicate
(lambda ()
(when-let (newbeg (car-safe (funcall fun)))
(= newbeg beg))))
(completion-extra-properties plist))
(setq completion-in-region--data
(list (if (markerp beg) beg (copy-marker beg))
(copy-marker end t)
(plist-get plist :predicate)))
(when (>= (- end beg) corfu-auto-prefix) ;; adhere to auto prefix length settings.
;; unfortunately corfu--candidates CAN and ARE nil sometimes,
;; if so we just short-circuit and hide the overlay.
;; TODO: Refactor the below to have just one ``if'' condition. Low priority.
(if corfu--candidates
(let* ((candidate (car corfu--candidates))
(how-many-candidates (length corfu--candidates))
(len (- end beg))
(prefix (buffer-substring-no-properties beg end))
(suffix (substring candidate len)))
(if (and
;; need candidate, it should be present if we got here, but safety-first
;; the prefix can't be empty (in case of corfu-auto-prefix equal 0)
(not (string= prefix ""))
;; prefix need to match the candidate as there are „fuzzy”
;; found candidates, esp. when using templates so the user
;; could see strage results when typing the first character.
(string-prefix-p prefix candidate))
;; and finally we update the overlay.
end ;; we anchor the overlay to the end position as cursor is there.
;; hide if the above ``if-condition'' is not met.
;; hide if there is no corfu--candidates at all (equals nil).
(defun corfu-candidate-overlay--pre-command ()
"Pre command hook to hide the overlay if the command is not insert or delete.
Otherwise the overlay can influence movement commands (i.e. the cursor is
considered to be located at the end of the overlay, so line movement will
jump to character far removed from the perceived cursor location)."
;; We should not throw an error here, as Emacs will disable
;; the hook if it fails with an error.
(let* ((is-insert-command
(corfu--match-symbol-p corfu-auto-commands this-command))
(corfu--match-symbol-p corfu-candidate-overlay-auto-commands this-command)))
;; first we check the short-circuit conditions
;; to exit as early as possible, so when we know the overlay
;; would not be present -- we don't check anything else.
(when (and
;; we are not in minibuffer; as we don't show overlay
;; in the minibuffer so we don't need to hide it.
(not (minibuffer-window-active-p (selected-window)))
(not corfu-auto) ;; don't work with corfu-auto
;; short-circuit conditions are done, now real conditions
;; that hide the overlay -- only one of those need to be met.
;; corfu menu is/was shown so we have to hide our own overlay.
(and corfu--frame ;; corfu menu not present,
;; so no need to check for it.
(frame-live-p corfu--frame)
(frame-visible-p corfu--frame)))
;; the command is not one of insert or delete,
;; so we should hide the overlay as any movement.
;; Reason is the command will „see” the point at the end of
;; the overlay so cross-row movement will be off by the
;; overlay's lenght.
(not (or
(defun corfu-candidate-overlay-at-word-boundary-p ()
"Return non-nil when cursor is at the word boundary for completion purposes.
Or nil otherwise."
(let ((next-char (char-after)))
(or (not next-char) ;; end of file
;; one of whitespace, quoting character, punctuation,
;; closing bracket, etc is next.
;; When those characters follow next completion won't trigger
;; either-way: ' = * - + / ~ _ (have not investigated further),
;; so they are not in the list.
(memq next-char '(?\s ?\t ?\r ?\n
?\" ?\` ?\) ?\] ?\>
?\. ?\, ?\: ?\;)))))
(defun corfu-candidate-overlay--post-command ()
"Post command hook to update candidate overlay.
Update happens when the user types character and the cursor is at
the end of word."
;; We should not throw an error here, as Emacs will disable
;; the hook if it fails with an error (and auto suggestion backends
;; can and do throw errors sometimes, corfu even have a readme section
;; dedicated to debugging those; but a timer corfu menu is using is much
;; more forgiving than how Emacs handle post and pre command hooks).
(let* ((is-insert-command
(corfu--match-symbol-p corfu-auto-commands this-command))
(corfu--match-symbol-p corfu-candidate-overlay-auto-commands this-command)))
;; short-circuit conditions -- the earlier we return, if don't need to do
;; anything, the better.
(if (and
;; when region selected, as the cursor will be placed wrong.
;; (thanks Jeff Phillips for this contribution!)
(not (region-active-p))
;; we are not in minibuffer, as it looks awkward.
(not (minibuffer-window-active-p (selected-window)))
(not corfu-auto) ;; don't work with corfu-auto
;; corfu menu needs to be hidden
(not (and (frame-live-p corfu--frame) (frame-visible-p corfu--frame)))
(not (and ;; do not update if the point have not moved.
(= corfu-candidate-overlay--last-point (point))))
(or ;; do not update if it is not one of the insert or delete commands.
;; check whether we are at word boundardy.
;; ...when main/top-level compound if condition is true clause...
;; When the completion backend is SLOW, i.e. like every LSP client,
;; then the overlay will often not update and will interfere with the typing.
;; That's why we operate on stored prefix and candidate giving an illusion
;; of updating the overlay -- but using the previous auto suggestion candidate.
(when corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay
(let* ((candidate
(corfu-candidate-overlay--get-overlay-property 'corfu-candidate))
(corfu-candidate-overlay--get-overlay-property 'corfu-prefix))
(corfu-candidate-overlay--get-overlay-property 'corfu-count))
(corfu-candidate-overlay--get-overlay-property 'after-string)))
;; We need to deal with the overlay and stored candidate differently
;; when inserting and deleting (i.e. we need to shift one characte from or to
;; prefix to/from candidate)
;; TODO: Delete character case should probably be moved to pre-command hook?
(if (length> prefix 0)
;; we still have some characters present in the prefix,
;; so we'll borrow one and move to the candidate.
(point) ;; move to current cursor's position
(substring prefix 0 (- (length prefix) 1 ))
(concat (substring prefix (- (length prefix) 1)) candidate)
;; if the length of prefix is zero then we can only hide
;; the overlay as we are removing past the current word
;; boundary.
;; Inserting character - we still update using historical data
;; in case the corfu backend would get interrupted;
;; Here we "borrow" a character from the candidate and append it to the prefix.
(if (and
(not (string= previous-text ""))
(length> candidate 1))
(point) ;; move to current cursor's position
(concat prefix (substring candidate 0 1))
(substring candidate 1 (length candidate))
;; no previous candidate or candidate is zero length,
;; probably we have reached the end of suggested word,
;; so let's hide the overlay.
;; preserve the current position, show and update the overlay.
;; the corfu-candidate-overlay--show CAN be interrupted, that's why
;; we did the shuffling above.
(setq corfu-candidate-overlay--last-point (point))
;; ...when main/top-level compound if condition is false clause...
;; so hide the overlay if the conditions to show the overlay where not met.
(defun corfu-candidate-overlay-complete-at-point ()
"Insert the first completion candidate shown in the overlay."
(and corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay
(overlayp corfu-candidate-overlay--overlay)
(when (not
(corfu-candidate-overlay--get-overlay-property 'after-string)
;; basically we emulate normal corfu's popup completion
;; to have templates expanded as well.
;; TODO: Not sure why it sometimes breaks with dabbrev backend. Need to investigate.
(define-minor-mode corfu-candidate-overlay-mode
"Show first candidate in an overlay while typing."
:global t
:group 'corfu
(if corfu-candidate-overlay-mode
((not corfu-auto)
(add-hook 'post-command-hook #'corfu-candidate-overlay--post-command)
(add-hook 'pre-command-hook #'corfu-candidate-overlay--pre-command)
(message "Enabled `corfu-candidate-overlay-mode'."))
(message "`corfu-auto' enabled, `corfu-candidate-overlay-mode' requires `corfu-auto' to be set to `nil'.")))
(remove-hook 'post-command-hook #'corfu-candidate-overlay--post-command)
(remove-hook 'pre-command-hook #'corfu-candidate-overlay--pre-command)
(message "Disabled `corfu-candidate-overlay-mode'."))))
(provide 'corfu-candidate-overlay)
;;; corfu-candidate-overlay.el ends here